1-2-1 financial coaching and mentoring

1-2-1 financial coaching and mentoring

We are here to help you earn more, save more, spend less, invest smartly and grow financially. We offer premium financial coaching and mentoring that makes a real difference for individuals, companies and groups.

What is Financial Coaching?

As a financial coach, Evelyn works with you to help you realise your money goals. From planning to execution, Evelyn can set you off on the path towards financial stability and excellence.

There are many definitions for the term financial coaching. Here are the three quotations we feel best hit the mark:/p>

Financial coaching means providing regular one-on-one sessions with clients in order to 'coach' performance improvements to meet goals mutually set by the coach and client.

(Official Thesaurus Dictionary)

Financial coaching bridges that gap by providing a powerful, professional partnership designed to produce action. It can save you time and money by helping you avoid the many dangerous pitfalls and dead-end paths on the road to financial freedom. Financial coaching can also accelerate your wealth building by taking the most efficient, effective actions toward achieving your goals.

(T. Tresidder, financial coach and mentor)

Financial Coaching is a process focusing on your strengths, while closing the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be.

(D. Hughes, financial consultant)

What 4 things can you expect from me?

What can you expect during coaching sessions?

The first session will consist of an assessment process. This is a Q&A that will enable us to clearly define your goals and the areas of development we should focus on.

We offer a bespoke solution to all our clients. Every session is carefully tailored to your exact needs. Because just as every person or organisation is unique, so are the strategies, goals and objectives of every client. We shape your financial development by taking into consideration everything from your personal beliefs and resources to your level of experience. Each session is perfectly designed to assist you on your journey to financial stability and freedom.

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Examples of frequently discussed topics

Below are just some of the areas we are regularly consulted on:

  • How do I secure my future financially and provide for my family?
  • I need to get out of debt but am unsure how and where to start?
  • I want to start investing but I don't know how?
  • I want a start a business but have no idea about budgets or business plans.
  • How can I boost my savings so I can build for my future?
  • I don’t want the cost of hiring an accountant. How can I run my own books?
  • How can I escape from the financial trap I’m in?
  • How do I recognise if I’ve made a bad financial decision before it’s too late?
  • How do I create and maintain a positive cashflow for me (or my family)?
  • What tools can I use to help me restructure and grow my money?

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Please read the Q&A below. If you feel any questions you may have aren’t answered here, then please use this form to ask us directly. We usually get back within 24 hours to all queries. Or, if you want to jump straight in with a whole set of questions, why not dive in and claim yourfree consultation!

Do you charge per hour?

No, clients are charged per session. Rather than rush a meeting to beat the clock, Evelyn prefers to go with the natural flow of discussion and remove the element of time. This ensures we get the solution that is right for you, rather the best we can do in the allotted time. On average sessions tend to last between 60 and 90 minutes. If we overrun this time we will not charge extra.

How many sessions do I need to commit to if I sign up?

There are no fixed amount of sessions when working with us. Some clients have as little as one meeting, others prefer a much more long-term arrangement. The key thing is that at the start of working together we agree on a so-called ‘contract’ (an agreement of the areas you want to develop and excel in). Our sessions are then designed to help you fulfill that contract. We’ll give you the exercises, homework, inspiration and motivation to help you get there.

How many sessions do you usually have with a client?

As a general rule, most clients have around ten sessions. But as listed above, it can be as little as one meeting or much more than ten.

Can I interrupt my coaching sessions for a period and resume again later?

For your own benefit it is best to stick to a regime (i.e. one session every week or fortnight) until the goal is reached. However, if work or personal circumstances make that tough we can agree to pause the sessions for a period of time and start again once it is more suitable.

How do I start working with you?

It’s simple! Just fill in the contact form, email or call. If possible give a brief overview of what you are looking for help or advice with. We endeavour to answer all questions within 24 hours.

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