The Economist: You are what you read

The Economist: You are what you read

A quite simply the best source of news, opinion, data, and business and finance insight out there. Find out why you should read it and how you can pick up 12 issues of the Economist for just $12.

The Economist: You are what you read

The vast quantities of news and data available today - via TV, newspapers, websites and social networks - means it’s easy for those of us interested in following world events to suffer from information overload. I personally find it tough at times (especially when working online) to not have my attention stolen by internet news - taking me away from important things such as my daily work and projects.

For a pretty long time I was searching for the right source of high quality, well balanced news. And because I love the feel and smell of flipping through physical paper, I really enjoy the printed version of the Economist magazine. It’s great for my daily reading in the tube or traveling on holiday.

For whom is the Economist intended?

I don’t know why, but in the past I had my reservations about the Economist magazine, probably because of my education was not in field of economics. But I was wrong. Once I took a look I was pleasantly surprised by its richness, variety of content and very objective news pieces (somewhat liberal but not too extreme).

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are business person or a student, you certainly don't need any specific background in academia or economics to benefit from the magazine’s content. The Economist is surprisingly free of jargon and clearly and concisely gives you the right amount of background info on a story to bring you up to date on any topics you aren’t familiar with. Just one basic rule applies: if you are a freethinker with an interest in the variety of life and have a passion for new subjects, the Economist is the right magazine for you.

What you can find in The Economist

The Economist magazine is a solid source of world news published on a weekly basis (although they call themselves a newspaper) that covers global politics in all regions of the world as well as current events in finance, business, science and the arts (even including book reviews).

Even though the Economist looks thinner than comparable periodicals, don't expect that you will read every article in every issue because it contains twice as much information then any newspaper on its almost 80 pages. It can pack so much info in each issue thanks to a relatively low amount of advertisements and its use of dense content on very thin paper.

For easy navigation, all article headlines are divided into several rubrics in the content: The world this week, Leaders, Letters, Briefing, Britain, Europe, United States, The Americas, Middle East and Africa, Asia, China, International, Business, Economics brief, Finance and economics, Science and technology, Books and art, Economic and financial indicators and last one is Obituary.

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Bottom line

You don't have to agree with everything that you will be read, but you can be absolutely sure that this magazine covers all the important events which you need to know about to stay in touch with what's happening around the world. I highly recommend an Economist subscription for everyone, regardless of your background knowledge or qualifications. You will enjoy it!

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